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The best Hybrid Inverter in India- Invergy [ Updated ]

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What is a Hybrid Inverter?

A piece of technology known as a hybrid solar inverter combines a solar inverter and a battery inverter. It can control the power coming from your solar panels, solar batteries, and the utility grid at the same time. A hybrid solar inverter needs less maintenance than conventional energy sources.

Off-grid and on-grid solar inverters can be combined into a hybrid system. Power grids, solar panel arrays, and battery storage systems can all be managed simultaneously. On-grid and off-grid inverters cost less but are less effective than these.

Working on a Hybrid Inverter

Your solar panel system’s hybrid inverter is a part that converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the panels into alternating current (AC) (AC). The typical electrical flow needed to run your home’s appliances and establish a connection to the National Grid is known as alternating current (AC). Depending on the nation, it is equivalent to either 120 or 240 volts. You simply wouldn’t be able to safely power your home with solar energy without a solar inverter in your system.

A high-quality inverter is a crucial component of your panel setup because a solar panel system is only as effective as its least efficient component. capable of maximizing the amount of energy your solar panels can produce. At Invergy, we don’t frequently neglect the significance of inverters during the design phase.

Features of Hybrid Inverter

  • More Effective – If there is a power outage or the grid becomes unstable, the hybrid solar inverter instantly converts to battery power. It keeps running without the help of the power grid.
  • Portable – A hybrid solar inverter may be easily moved from one location to another because of its small weight.
  • Long Life- A hybrid solar inverter has a five-year lifespan.
  • Compact Size: A hybrid solar inverter typically has the size of a medium-sized refrigerator and comes in various sizes.
  • Service Free Product – A hybrid solar inverter is an IoT-based product and hence requires zero to very less servicing and maintenance.
  • Features for the display: These devices have a touch screen display that shows voltages, temps, outputs, and other data.

Benefits of Hybrid Inverter 

It functions as an inverter both on and off the grid. It is an independent system that can function on its own. It offers power backup and storage for electricity. Additionally, you can export extra electricity to the grid.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Inverter

The main drawback of a simple hybrid inverter is that it lacks a grid isolation device, meaning it is unable to power your home in the event of a blackout. So, only if your grid supply is steady is a fundamental hybrid inverter a suitable option.

Invergy Hybrid Inverters

With its hybrid solar inverters, Invergy is a brand that is fast growing in India. Because of the high quality of its products and energy storage technology, it has emerged as one of India’s top producers of solar products.

The DC power generated by the PV array is converted into usable AC power via an on-grid inverter. In hybrid inverters, batteries can also be used to store additional power. To make up for unstable or nonexistent grids, hybrid inverters are becoming more and more crucial in poor countries.

Each hybrid inverter made by Invergy has a 48V battery and comes in a single-phase or three-phase variant. We come to the conclusion that the solar energy storage system is the best choice since it is safer and more dependable than a high-voltage battery system.

For its hybrid inverters, Invergy gives customers three choices:

INV EU 3.6KW / 5KW – 48V – 1P

This series inverter is only designed for use with three-phase PV systems and has outputs of INV EU 3.6KW/ 5KW – 48V – 1P. It is available in a range of capacities. The device is easy to set up and use due to its compact size. Its ability to accommodate a wide range of alternating current output voltages allows it to run for extended periods without overheating.

To create a three-phase string inverter, the INV EU 3.6KW/ 5KW – 48V – 1P variations are joined. Each phase of this three-phase system has two MPPTs. The overall efficiency of this inverter, which has two MPP trackers, might reach up to 98.3% when it is completely operating. Both a zero export application and a VSG application are included in the bundle for your convenience. The inverter—an optional component—is where the String’s intelligent monitoring is housed. Additionally, a choice of optional Anti-PID features and a broad range of output voltages are provided by the device.

INV EU 3/3.6/5/6 – 48V – 1P

Due to its small size and incorporation of a local LCD and controls on the device itself, the single-phase inverter is one of the best options for household applications. The integrated zero-export function provides practical comfort and ease for PV system operators, installers, and consumers of solar energy systems in general (external CT is required).

INV EU 3/3.6/5/6 – 48V – 1P trackers, which have a maximum efficiency of 97.5 percent, are used in the Single Phase String Inverter, which also employs INV EU 3/3.6/5/6 – 48V – 1P 2 MPP trackers. You can choose between four distinct sizes. This is one of the best single-phase string inverters that are currently available for purchase. Both VSG and zero export programs, as well as a large number of other applications, are available. It has integrated intelligent monitoring that is cord-accessible. The single-phase string inverter has an incredibly wide output voltage range. Additionally, it contains a switchable Anti-PID feature.

INV (EU) 8.0Kw / 10.0Kw / 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P

This new generation of three-phase output inverters, unlike the previous series, has a larger range of INV (EU) 8.0Kw, 10.0Kw, and 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P, allowing two-array input from various roof orientations while keeping two integrated MPPTs. It provides remote system control and monitoring as well.

They are used in conjunction with the INV (EU) 8.0Kw, 10.0Kw, and 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P three-phase string inverters. Two MPPTs, one in each of the three phases and stages of this three-phase system, are present. When operating at full capacity in its fully active mode, this two-MPP tracker inverter has a maximum overall efficiency of 98.6%. You will also find a VSG application in the bundle along with a zero export application for your convenience. An extra component that is available for separate purchase, the inverter features string intelligent monitoring. For increased security, the device comes with an optional Anti-PID feature and a wide range of output voltages.

Some FAQs about Hybrid Inverter

  1. There is no need for batteries for a hybrid solar inverter. This setup is connected to the grid and solar panels, which draw power from both sources.
  2. Batteries are necessary for off-grid solar power plants to store electricity. if batteries are not an option and grid power is not available.
  3. A fantastic solution is a hybrid inverter coupled with a solar battery storage system. It guarantees that you have both on- and off-grid capabilities, ensuring that you can always get electricity, even during a blackout.
  4. Specialized off-grid inverters and battery systems with enough capacity to store electricity for two or more days are needed for off-grid solar systems. Depending on the application, hybrid grid-connected systems only need a battery large enough to supply electricity for 5 to 10 hours (overnight) and use less expensive hybrid (battery) inverters.
  5. The ability to generate uninterrupted electricity using solar energy, batteries, the grid, or generators in a controlled manner is the key feature of hybrid-UPS systems. The most cost-effective and environmentally friendly power choice for loads is provided by the new hybrid technology.


Invergy is one of the greatest manufacturing brands in India thanks to all these advantages of its hybrid inverter. On Invergy’s website, you can find out more about hybrid inverters.


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