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What is iNVERGY?

iNVERGY is bringing the solar industry to new heights with product developments and an optimized energy-cost ratio using advanced technologies. Innovation and sustainability are two core values of INVERGY.

iNVERGY is a pioneer in the development of ONGRID Inverter, LFP Battery, Hybrid Inverter,  EV Charger and energy storage solutions in conjunction with Mr. Vijay Goel, a prominent UK corporate lawyer and business consultant.

Our Products

Why Us?

The Solutions You Need

At iNVERGY, we consider the entire solution rather than just individual components. As a result, we strive to meet a broad range of customer requirements with a single solution.

System Monitoring & Accessories

System monitoring and integration are made simple with iNVERGY PV data communication solutions. The hardware and software are both very user-friendly.

There is an iNVERGY accessory for every need thanks to the wide range of products available.

Our Services

Expert Customer Care

INVERGY have a specialized team of professionals. Call us anytime on our toll free number 18003097880. We will be happy to assist you.

Installation Support

INVERGY offers hassle-free installation of our products on the site accompanied by expert engineers for total satisfaction of our clients.

Transportation/Unloading Aid

We have delivered our products in rural as well as urban locations using our trusted transportation partners .

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