Hybrid inverters- Things you must know in 2023 [ Updated ]

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With the growth of home energy storage systems, there has been a new type of advanced inverter developed called a  hybrid inverter. When a solar inverter is combined with a battery inverter/charger, it is referred to as a hybrid inverter. By using an inverter, you can use your own energy or shift your load to make the most efficient use of your energy. An inverter is an economical way to have adequate electricity. Battery-based storage allows you to store solar energy or off-peak energy for use during peak periods.  

In this article, I will cover everything from the basics of hybrid inverters to the advantages of installing the solar grid-connected inverter. Let’s dive into it.

The hybrid inverter is designed to manage all the inputs from a solar panel and a storage system (batteries) concurrently.  The batteries are charged with hybrid inverters either by solar panels or by the electrical grid. Inverters like this, sometimes called multi-mode inverters, are powered by batteries when required and that means they act as a backup system. 

The home-based inverters and hybrid inverters hype is increasing tremendously. By keeping the growing demand in mind, iNVERGY came up with advanced technology hybrid inverters. Various ranges are met by iNVERGY for the hybrid inverter. iNVERGY is a growing well-known company that produces different kinds of inverters that is reliable and of good quality. The company is especially known for its on-grid and hybrid inverters in India.  It is a London-based company that has launched a hybrid inverter company this year. They Produce inverters like  INV EU 3.6KW/ 5KW-48V-1P, 

INV US 5.0KW/6.0KW/8.0KW-48V-1P, INV EU 8.0KW-48V-1P, etc.


Basic of Hybrid Inverters


A solar inverter is also called a PV inverter. It converts the DC output generated by the PV module into the utility frequency alternating current that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local off-grid network. It is essential to use the solar inverter to convert the dc into ac otherwise we can not use the dc output in our electrical home appliances. There are on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid inverters available in the market. And hybrid inverter is the best inverter among all of them due to some advantages.

Combining both on-grid and off-grid modes, hybrid inverters run in both modes simultaneously. The Invergy hybrid inverter stores energy in batteries and electricity grids unlike on-grid and off-grid inverters. A hybrid inverter is known as a multifunction solar inverter. Professionals often say that these are the best and most popular. This hybrid inverter produces AC from DC produced by the PV module, as it does with both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. 

There is a major advantage to this method that it charges the battery as well as supplies the load.  The hybrid solar system generates more power than a single solar system and the excess power is fed into the battery through the net meter. Hybrid systems are connected to the grid, so if the battery gets fully charged and the burden is smaller, the extra amount of power will be returned to the grid. This will save you money on electricity.

There will be no power outages with this device. As a result,  hybrid inverters in India work best with solar in areas without power for long periods during Load-Shading sessions. When power is unavailable, these inverters can provide emergency backup power through batteries. Automatically switches from Solar to Grid Power when the sunsets.

The working of on-grid and hybrid inverters are almost the same but the basic difference between on-grid inverters and hybrid inverters is that on-grid inverters do not have battery banks and the hybrid inverter comes with a battery bank that will provide you backups when there will be an outage of electricity. There are several advantages to hybrid inverters, and they are the most efficient inverters that our solar industry has produced. It is inarguably the most important part of solar power.


How Hybrid systems generate electricity


A hybrid solar power generating system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Now we will discuss the working of a hybrid system or how it generates electricity. 

  • A hybrid system converts solar energy into electricity for home use by converting it to a form that can be used like other solar inverters. Using PV panels or solar panels, solar energy systems convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Each photon of sunlight is composed of energy. These photons are absorbed by PV panels and converted to electricity.
  • The PV panels use materials that are capable of losing electrons when photons hit their shells. Silicon is such a material. This property is not found in all materials.
  • When photons knock off the electrons from their shells, they become free. Electrons subsequently orient themselves according to the electric field created. This is how a hybrid system produces electricity in DC form.
  • This electricity needs to be converted into usable power by the inverter. IGBTs are used to accomplish this task. Also, they are durable and do not consume too much power. Here the hybrid inverter does its conversion work.
  • From the source, It charges the battery as well as supplies the load.  When The hybrid solar system generates more power than a single solar system and the excess power is fed into the battery through the net meter also if the battery gets fully charged and the burden is smaller, the extra amount of power will be returned to the grid.
  • This hybrid solar inverter has a backup system. Usually, this is the battery. Whenever there is additional energy available, it helps the inverter store that energy in the battery. That energy can then be used when needed. During an emergency, this can provide power.
  • A hybrid solar inverter can also merge solar and wind energy. Additionally, it also can have a battery for backup. It manages power and shifts to solar, wind, or battery when required.

After knowing, how electricity is generated in a hybrid system. You should also know its usefulness. There are numerous benefits of hybrid inverters. 


Now Let’s have a look at the Advantages of Hybrid Inverters over other types of inverters.


Benefits of Hybrid Inverter


Some of the benefits are- 

  1. Power supply without interruption because there is a battery backup system that provides backup power whenever needed.
  2. Hybrid inverters are more efficient than other inverters and work efficiently in all types of conditions without wasting fuel.
  3. Hybrid solar power systems are extremely cheap to maintain. 
  4. Hybrid solar inverters are fully automated. With hybrid solar energy, everything is automatically controlled, and the amount of energy supplied will depend on the devices connected to the system.




iNVERGY provides the best hybrid system in india with a different range of hybrid inverters solutions along with their other product like on-grid inverters, EV chargers, and energy storage devices with a very affordable range while maintaining the quality of the product with its good warranty period. The company is well known for inverters manufacturing in India.




  1. Is it worth investing in a hybrid inverter for a small household?
    • Yes, hybrid inverters are suitable for households of all sizes, and they can help reduce electricity bills.
  2. Can I use hybrid inverters with different brands of solar panels?
    • Compatibility may vary, so it’s advisable to consult with the inverter manufacturer or a professional installer.
  3. Are Invergy’s hybrid inverters suitable for both residential and industrial use?
    • Yes, Invergy offers customization options to cater to the unique energy needs of both residential and industrial customers.
  4. Do Invergy’s hybrid inverters work efficiently during power outages?
    • Absolutely, Invergy’s hybrid inverters are designed to provide uninterrupted power supply, making them ideal for areas with frequent power cuts.
  5. Can I rely on Invergy’s customer support round the clock?
    • Yes, Invergy provides 24/7 customer support to address any technical issues or questions you may have.
  6. Is it easy to integrate Invergy’s hybrid inverters with existing solar panels and batteries?
    • Yes, Invergy’s hybrid inverters are known for their seamless integration, making it a hassle-free process.


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