July 5, 2022

Why India should choose micro-inverters

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Many countries are switching to renewable energy as climate change is arising globally. As it is harmless to the environment, and there will be a scarcity of sources. The sources of renewable energy are endless. The government is looking forward to using renewable energy sources as much as possible. India is one of those countries that is in a transition phase to renewable sources. 

The government of India has decided to generate energy from renewable sources. The target is to generate 50% of the power from renewable sources. There are many renewable energy sources available, like solar energy, wind energy, hydropower energy, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. 

Solar energy is one of the most common renewable energy sources. As sunlight is plentiful, it is one of the best renewable sources. The government is trying to make more people aware of this energy source. People nowadays have started to shift towards solar energy. They are installing a rooftop solar power system. Now there are many Indian solar companies like – iNVERGY Power Supply, which are supplying the perfect solar power system for your home. One of the essential parts of the structure is the inverter. There are many solar inverters are available, like – Off-grid inverters, On-grid inverters, Hybrid inverters and Micro Inverters. The Micro Inverters are the latest. People are quite interested in Micro Inverters in India.

What are the main functions of Micro Inverters or solar inverters 

When sunlight touches the surface of solar cells, it produces electricity. The produced electricity is in the form of DC or direct current. The appliances used in households generally do not use the DC. Hence, the current should be converted to AC. Now, this is what an inverter does is its prime job. The inverter changes the direction of the current, switching it back and forth rapidly. Then the alternating current can be used for household work. 

What are the advantages of Micro Inverters? 

Works independently – Micro Inverters work independently. They are connected by an individual panel. If any panel is facing shade problems due to dust or a shadow from the tree, then only that panel’s efficiency will be 50%. The whole power generation system will not be affected by this. It will gain enough power from the other panels. 

Tracks proper output – The applied voltage load from the inverter impacts the power generation. The voltage should be adjusted at a certain point so that it can generate the maximum power. When the MPPT technique is applied, the proper voltage can be found to have proper power generation. 

Performance tracking – The performance of solar panels can be easily tracked if micro-inverters are installed. The panels’ performances can be tracked by a web-based monitor. The owner of the home and the installer will be able to check if there are any problems occurring in the panel. There is also a mobile application available to check the function of PV when you are not at home.

Low failure chances – Either the inverter or the panel is distributed, the power generation will not be stopped. Because if one panel is bothered, then the rest will work and generate a sufficient amount of power.

No cooling is needed—Micro inverters generate a very small amount of heat. Hence, there is no need for an air-cooling method.

Comparison between String Inverters and Micro-Inverters 

There are mainly 3 types of solar inverters: string inverters, central inverters, and micro-inverters. People choose the inverter according to their preferences. 

A string inverter can be connected to multiple strings of the panel. It can be connected with panels of an entire row. It can easily convert direct current to alternating current. String inverters are much cheaper than other inverters. It does not need any time to install. As it is one of the oldest inverters and is very popular. It is also bigger in size. 

The efficiency of the string inverters generally lies within 95% in non-shaded conditions. On the other hand, the efficiency of the micro inverter is 97-98%. Micro inverters are very small compared with string inverters. 

String inverters are connected with multiple strings of the panels. If one panel is under a shadow condition, then the efficiency of the whole panel is reduced. A micro-inverter is connected individually to the panels. So, if one panel is under the shadow, it will not affect the whole power production system. 

The string inverter is not able to track or properly monitor if the panel is properly working or not. Micro-inverters are designed in a way that they can monitor the functions of the panel and the inverter as well.

The initial cost of the string inverter is much less than any other inverter. The initial of the micro Inverters are initially high.

Why are micro-inverters better than other solar inverters?  

Micro Inverters are initially high in cost, but they serve a number of purposes. In India, micro-inverters are dependable. They’re becoming popular as they are easily replaceable, portable, and installable. 

The initial cost of the inverter may feel very high for homeowners, but it will give you long-term service and it will reduce your electricity bill. You can even sell the excess generated power. It has at least 20–25 years of life. With this, the cost of your bill will be reduced to a very low rate. 

There are quite a few solar companies that are manufacturing and supplying micro-inverters in India. Invergy power supply is one of those companies that supplies one of the best micro-inverters in the Indian market. Where can you find your desired inverters for your home? The quality of the products is very high, with a long-term warranty.


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