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On-grid inverters in India-a primary guide before purchasing in 2023 [ Updated ]

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Nowadays On-grid inverters in India became very popular because it mainly reduces our electricity bills as well as global warming. While making plans to shop for an on-grid inverter for your house you need to do your studies in place of simply going to an inverter save and shopping for the version that the vendor is recommending due to the fact it is able to be proper or incorrect for your house as the vendor will hold his profit. But While doing studies, there is mostly trouble that we do not know what type of inverter we need to buy for our home.

Inverters that are on-grid or grid-tied are systems that use the grid as a power source. This implies that associated excess or deficiency of power is fed to the grid through net metering. several residential users are choosing an On-grid inverter as they get an opportunity to relish credit for the surplus power their system produces and save on their electricity bills.

INVERGY is one of the best affordable inverters in India. and it deals with not only ON-GRID Inverter but they have their other products like hybrid inverter ,EV charging, off-grid inverters, micro inverters etc.

Before purchasing an on-grid inverter you need to know about it and here is a brief about on-grid inverters.

How does It work?


With an on-grid solar inverter, solar panels can provide power throughout the day. No backup for power outages will be available with this power, so it will either be exported to the grid or used immediately. If at any time the system runs out of power, it draws an equivalent from the electricity grid. Hence, there will be no power outage during this case. Similarly, any excess that’s made by the system is fed to the grid. The advantage of an on-grid system is that the user will get a credit in his electricity bill for the additional power he sent to the grid. So, his electricity bills will reduce.


Advantages of on-grid inverter in India :


  1. You have two options to get power from either solar power or the main power grid, so you will always be able to get power, and will never experience a power outage.
  2. The main purpose of installing an on-grid inverter is to reduce electricity bills. You can adjust usage based on peak times and thus end up paying no peak costs. This is the highest rate charged by utilities for network use during peak demand hours. Plus, you end up paying less on your electric bill and earning more from network trading.                                                    

Drawbacks of  on-grid inverter in India:


The system does not work if there is a power outage because it does not come with a backup.

You need to choose the on-grid inverter by considering the features which match your requirements. Here is the guide that helps you to choose an on-grid inverter.

  • You only need to calculate the total load of your house and buy accordingly.
  • Inverters with UPS modes have some advantages over inverters without UPS modes, and I recommend you buy this type as well.
  • Rather than buying an inverter with square wave technology, it is good to buy an inverter with the sine wave.
  • Efficiency is another factor when buying an on-grid inverter.
  • You should focus on the technology used in the inverter. It can be PWM or MPPT and MPPT technology is better than PWM.
  • You have to choose the inverter with its warranty based on the price also and it’s good to buy an inverter at least with a pair years of warranty.                                                                                                                                                                       

Let’s have a look at one of the best companies of on-grid inverters in India:

There are other companies available in India producing inverters but INVERGY is taking the solar industry to new heights with product developments and optimized energy cost ratios using advanced technologies last but not the list you can get the best affordable inverter in India. Innovation and sustainability are two fundamental values ​​of INVERGY.




London-based inverter and battery company Invergy, which launched its hybrid solar inverters in India this year, is targeting residential arrays with 3-12kW products for use in single-phase and three-phase configurations.

A power of 50 kW can be obtained by placing 5 kW inverters on ten rows in parallel. Up to 16 rows can be linked. The maximum capacity, is around 75 kW, with 5 kW units. The best part is that our single-phase inverters can be connected in three-phase mode and provide three-phase output.

INVERGY considers the entire solution rather than just individual components.

System monitoring and integration are made simple with the INVERGY PV data communication solution that INVERGY has with user-friendly hardware and software.

INVERGY is one of the best leading companies, that are selling on-grid inverters in India, and also their other products are not in competition with other inverter brands present in India but they produce next-generation inverters with features that have not been introduced in India till today. So, you can go through their website also.

Invergy’s Journey in the Renewable Energy Sector


Invergy, established with a vision to revolutionize renewable energy utilization, has amassed years of experience and expertise in the field of on-grid inverters.


From Humble Beginnings                                                                 

Invergy started as a small initiative with a big dream – to make clean energy accessible to all. Through dedication and innovation, the company rapidly expanded its reach.




So here I’ve given about the Best inverter company as well as a guide that will help you to choose an On-grid inverter. you can do your research to get another one that will match your requirement. By installing this on-grid system on the rooftop of your house you can reduce electricity bills. You can adjust usage based on peak times and thus end up paying no peak costs. This is the highest rate charged by utilities for network use during peak demand hours. Plus, you end up paying less on your electric bill and earning more from network trading.




Are Invergy’s inverters suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, Invergy offers a range of inverters designed for both residential and commercial applications.

How can I monitor the performance of my Invergy on-grid inverter?

Invergy provides a user-friendly monitoring system that allows you to track the performance of your inverter in real-time.

Does Invergy offer customer support services?

Absolutely, Invergy’s customer support team is available to assist with any inquiries or issues you may have regarding their products.

Where can I learn more about Invergy’s product offerings?

To explore Invergy’s product range and learn more about their innovative solutions, access its official website.



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