INV (EU)-4/5/6 GT-01

Max Efficiency

IP65 Ingress Protection

High Power Factor


Zero Export


High Surge Endurance

Product Details

For household applications, the single-phase inverter is one of the best options available due to its smaller size and incorporation of a local LCD display and controls on the unit itself. The integrated zero-export function provides real-world ease and comfort for PV system operators and installers, as well as for members of the general public who use solar energy systems (external CT is required).

INV (EU)-4/5/6 GT-01 with 2 MPPT trackers are used in the Single Phase String Inverter, which has a maximum efficiency of 97.5 percent and is composed of trackers. Four distinct sizes are available to choose from. This is one of the most efficient single phase string inverters available on the market right now. VSG and zero export applications, as well as a variety of additional applications, are both available. It is integrated with intelligent monitoring that is accessible via a cord. When it comes to output voltage range, the single phase string inverter has an incredibly wide range. It also includes an Anti-PID function, which can be turned off if desired.

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