INV (EU)-E-3/3.3/3.6 GT-01

Max Efficiency

IP65 Ingress Protection

High Factor


Zero Export


High Surge Endurance

Product Details

In addition to allowing for quick and simple DC and AC connections, the INV (EU)-E-3/3.3/3.6 GT-01 revolutionary G’s design also provides for straightforward and basic installation. 6 kilograms, for example, is a little amount of weight in comparison. Commissioning is incredibly simple, thanks to the built-in user interface (local LCD display and buttons), which allows for quick selection of the right parameters at various points throughout the installation process.

The Single-Phase String Inverter is projected to produce higher yields in the future. Intelligent and user-friendly design elements make it a continuously safe and dependable investment. According to the manufacturer, the inverter has one MPP tracker and has a maximum efficiency of 97.5 percent.

It is possible to program the Single-Phase String Inverter to operate in zero-export mode and in VSG mode. Intelligent monitoring is carried out on a string, and it is completely voluntary to do so. It has a wide range of output voltages to choose from, as well as an anti-PID function that may be activated at the user’s request.

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