INV (EU) 8.0Kw / 10.0Kw / 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P

Max. Efficiency

Internal SPD

High Power

Six Time of Use Setting


Zero Export

High Surge

Support Generator Connection


Ingress Protection

AC Coupled

Support Multiple Parallel

Product Details

This new three-phase output inverter series has a larger range of INV (EU) 8.0Kw / 10.0Kw / 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P than the previous series, while still having two integrated MPPTs, enabling two-array to input from various roof orientations. It also provides for remote monitoring and control of the system.

Three-phase string inverters with the INV (EU) 8.0Kw / 10.0Kw / 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P variations are utilized in tandem. Each of the three stages of this three-phase system contains two MPPTs, one in each of the three phases. When completely operational in its fully active state, this inverter, which consists of two MPP trackers, may achieve an overall efficiency of up to 98.6%. For your convenience, the package contains a VSG application and a zero export application in addition to a zero export application. String intelligent monitoring is included in the inverter, which is an optional component that may be purchased individually. For further security, the device includes a wide range of output voltages and an optional Anti-PID feature.

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