INV EU 3.6KW / 5KW – 48V – 1P

Max. Efficiency

Internal SPD

High Power

Six Time of Use Setting


Zero Export

High Surge

Support Generator Connection


Ingress Protection

AC Coupled

Support Multiple Parallel

Product Details

This series inverter is intended only for three-phase PV systems and has outputs of INV EU 3.6KW / 5KW – 48V – 1P. It is available in a number of different capacities. Setup and operation are simple due to the modest size of the device itself. It has the ability to handle a broad range of alternating current output voltages, which allows it to function for extended periods of time without overheating.

A three-phase string inverter is made up of the INV EU 3.6KW / 5KW Р48V Р1P  versions, which are grouped together. In this three-phase system, there are two MPPTs in each phase of the system. This inverter, which includes two MPP trackers, has the potential to achieve an overall efficiency of up to 98.3 percent when fully operational. A VSG application, as well as a zero export application, is both included in the bundle for your convenience. The inverter, which is an optional component, contains the intelligent monitoring for the String intelligent monitoring. Additionally, the device includes a wide variety of output voltages as well as an optional Anti-PID function. 

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